4 in 4 Years

Parenting, shared.

How’s the saying go? “Controlling what you can when things feel out of control.” Becoming a parent for the first time (and every time after) absolutely feels like things are in fact out of control. One way I’ve ‘controlled what I can’ has been using checklists. Nice, neat lists with check boxes with what you need for your newborn, what you need in your diaper bag, what toys and books to have, etc. Having a list can bring a sense of control and calm, even when you know things are actually overwhelming.

Over the years I’ve realized that as helpful as those lists were and continue to be, some of the most essential items we use as parents were missing from those checklists. I will be sharing these #missingessentials in a new series and as always welcome any ideas from our collective parenting mind. Please add your indispensable item in the comments!

  1. The Countdown App
  2. The Dry Erase Marker
  3. The Market Basket

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